Sunday, May 15, 2011

Pie Maker Randomness

The other day I was walking around BigW with my other half, and I did something I've been meaning to do for a very long time. I bought a pie maker. I didnt need this item. I probably wont use it every day like I do my kettle. But I wanted it, and had done so for a long, long time. It was a calculated impulse buy.

You see, a couple of years ago, a guy we were good friends with bought one. Not because he really wanted it, or would use it lots. Not because it was useful, or even interesting. Mainly because he was bored, had a tiny amount of left over cash, and he happened to see it in the split second when he was deciding wether to spend that money on something shiny or something edible. When he got it home, he ranted at us about it for an hour or so, then the next day we made pies. And I thought it was awesome. Best pie's ever ^^ Very little work, whatever filling you want, and the knmowledge you made them yourself and that they're as healthy or as fatty as you want.

He stopped using it after about a week. Too much effort. Boring. Not exciting any more. And I always thought it was awaste of money, considering what he did with it. Locking it in a cupboard and forgetting it even existed. Three months down the track he had forgotten even buying it. And I must admit, this irked me. I mean, this guy was always a little bit like that. Buying things on random impulse when he couldnt affords them and had no use for them, throwing them out instead of reselling them when he got bored, buying the most expensive item because, despite not having the money, that made it the better item. Annoying.

But I now have a pie maker. I love it, it is awesome, easy to use, and it has saved me a lot o work over the last couple of weeks while my toe heals. Best of all is the knowledge that I didn't buy it on random impulse. I bought it because I knew I would use it and I already loved it. So, despite that friendship being long dead that story sticks in my head. I still wonder if, with time, that man could have come to realise how much he was throwing away in his life. But I came out of it with the main message: Buy a pie maker, they rule! ^^

Because I Can.

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