Thursday, May 5, 2011

Herbal Tea COmbinations.

I am now six weeks into this horrible 'diet' that the last person of dubious medical background who looked at me suggested. I have vetted it, and fine combed it, and have currently concluded that while most of it is utter, complete shit, some tiny pieces of what it contains are, in fact, relevant. So today let's focus on caffiene. Caffiene is found in our diets mainly in coffee, chocolate, tea and energy drinks. It has no effect on fertility, however it has been proven to have an adverse efect on the health of a pregnancy; if a woman drinks more than 2 cups of coffee or 3 cups of tea a day she has a 59% increased chance of miscarriage. That is roughly 100mg of caffiene.

So for me, a major tea drinker, this presented a problem. I don't drink tea for the caffiene, I drink it for the flavour, the milkiness, the ritual, and the only alternatives that do not contain caffiene are either herbal teas which are best drunk milk-less, or caro, which tastes exactly like instant coffee and is NOT my lover. Green tea's I do find quite good IF I can get hold of a good batch; however I haven't been able to in the past three weeks. It is possible that my home city is a little lacking in understanding of my obsessive need... So I decided to experiment with herbal tea's and milk, and see if I could find a combination that works satisfactorarily.

First up was Blackberry tea. It wasn't bad, quite bland, tasting mainly of watery milk despite a full 5 minutes of steeping. Colour was a faint brownish white, which was a little off putting, and smell was, as expected, a divine blackberry smell that belied the taste of the cup. Again, not bad, but not what I'm chasing. Next!

Next I tried Lipton's Alps: Red Fruit Herbal tea. Because of the colour of the tea, a deep rich pink, the cup turned a murky weak purple when milk was added; interesting but very dubious looking. It smelled divinely of strawberries and raspberries, and had a faint citrus taste mixed in with the weak milky flavour. The only bad I found about it was the ant that somehow hitched a lift into my cup with the tea bag. I fished it out before resuming my cup.

Third up, I tried a herbal from Lipton called Moroccan Spices with Mint. It smells beautiful, like chives and cinamon, and with milk added the smell remains and the colour is almost exactly 'normal tea'. And, if you drink it within five minutes, it tastes dreamfully wonderful. Sadly, if you leave it longer than that, as it cools the mint becomes the overpowering taste of the cup and I eventually decided not to finish it at all. I belive it would be a nice refreshing cup to have occasionally, but it certainly is not what I am looking for.

Lastly, I have tried Lemongrass and Ginger herbal tea with milk. It turns a pale yellowish colour with milk added, smells wonderfully of lemongrass, and bitterly disappoints with an over powering clogging taste of ginger. Even without milk, this tea is a complete disapointment to me, so I advise against it. Needs more lemongrass, less ginger peoples!!

So to wrap it up: None of thiese teas went very well with milk, which is a large disapointment to me, as I know the perfect tea exists out there, milk and all! I believe rosehip will work, but I cannot find any in perth...
Does anyone know where to get it?
DOes anyone know of any herbal teas that would benefit from milk?

Not trying camomile, for obvious reasons :P

Because I Can

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