Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My Neighbourhood of Weird

My neighbourhood is a weird, wacky and strange place. I love it to bits for all of the amusing happenings that occur in it, and for these things allowing me to go unnoticed as the strange person I am. I mean, I am the sort of person who will happily walk out of my house in a medieval dress and cloak with one of my black cats in my arms. On an average day. And that is mild. My neighbourhood however, puts me firmly in normal.

Take the people half a block over, for example. I never see or hear from them until...Friday morning. On the dot of 11am. Every Friday, without fail, they gather the whole family, and I mean everyone, for a bottle shop run. I guess they have got to love centrelink pay day ^^

Or the guy who likes watering his garden in...the fresh. I mean, thats all well and good mate, we all have our quirks. But you know, it's really a little off putting to us all. And considering the brick wall, which comes up to your chest height, maybe it would be wiser next time to just keep watering your garden? If you hadn't done that mad sprint of caught outness I would *never* have even considered it. Honestly dude. I mean, I thought ALL guys watered the garden topless...

And then there's the junk mail war. Honestly, before I got pulled into this, albeit as a firm side line watcher, I had no idea that grown, adult men could act as childishly as this. One of them hates junk mail, so gets a ban put on ALL the mail boxes. The other, just for giggles, makes up a sign requesting junk mail. And now the first guy is trying to figure a way to get the second kicked out of the units...over junk mail...and they both claim that the other is the immature one. Good gods.

So, while all these quirks are happening on my street, I think I'll settle back and watch. Rest my toe so that when my kick ass bike boots arrive I can put them on and wear them everywhere for a week. I may even put on a medieval dress and pointed hat, collect one of my black cats and go sit on the mail boxes for a while. With an awesome book, like 'The Story of O'. That may just solve everything!

Because I Can

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