Thursday, February 17, 2011

Life is like Bingo

There are few things I really hate in life. But sadly, I think most of them have been triggered this week, and for me I think that's a new reccord. It's like playing Bingo, but with pet hates, and I won, which NEVER happens with real Bingo because I DO NOT PLAY IT.

Number one on my list has always been People Who are Amazingly Incompetent At Their Jobs, also known as bundles of complete fail. That girl at the bank who issued me a new card in my OLD name after changing my details so thast my new card SHOULD have been in my new name? Fail. And that fact that it took her 45 minutes to complete this incredible act? Priceless.

OH, and this goes out to Mark at Fivestar Fencing. For starters mate, five star implies that not only do you know what you're doing, but you can do it well. I think you not only need to change the Business name, but the Business. Stat. Because I think it's REALLY unprofessional to come round and look at my fence to give me a quote for fixing it, only to say that while it is indeed broken, you can't fix it...and not give a suitable reason. It is even more unprofessional to then call my husband a week later and say 'I'll come fix it tomorrow before lunch time.' and then
never show up. At all. I hope you enjoy the lovely voice mail I left you, and also the one my strata manager left you that effectively ensures that you don't come back here again. Because you have a habit of stuffing up.

Another thing I hate; idiot neighbours annoying the hell out of the whole strata block. You know dude, that's not a wise move, especially since you're only renting and the rest of us now angry hornets are owners. First rule for renters who dont want to piss off the other people around them; On a recycle week, do NOT put your RUBBISH in our RECYCLE bins. If you do, our bins wont get emptied, and they also get big stickers on them saying why. And then YOU get a whole horde of angry and upset owners on your doorstep asking if you know WTF a rubbish bin or tip is and could you KINDLY use it or we will be pleased to enforce our request? ><

See? Like I said, not many things that push my angry at everyone buttons. And they don't usually get pushed, so this week has been entertaining...for me. For the people I dealt with, it has been less than pleasant, but you know what? If you didn't TRY to piss me off, I wouldnt rub your face in your incompetence.

Because I Can

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