Monday, December 6, 2010

Wake up, Society of Shallow People!

I was reading a very interesting article today, about cheating, and relationships, genetics and excuses. And in the comment section, I came accross a gem of close minded idiocy from one of the more shallow readers.
"Fiona says: 12:01pm | 07/12/10
And we insecure hetero’s call it the reason why the gay world has contributed so much to the spread of AIDS ....
Just because you choose to open up your arse to anyone doesn’t make us ‘insecure’ because we believe in making a committment to another person of the opposite sex .... you may need to look the word up in the dictionary ..."

Now, I realise that other commenters also had a say at her about her ideas, and about her completely mind blowing bitchiness closed mindedness, but I figured that personally, I needed to have a go too. Because she is sadly not the only one with such views, and the outlook seems to be spreading in my circle. Or maybe Perth is just a pit of closed minds...? Naaaaaah.

Firstly, the rate of AIDS spread is roughly even; almost the same amount of straight people have it as gay people. So this would suggest, lo and behold, that straight people are spreading it too! Can you get your head around that?! Secondly, Fiona, you make me laugh; you worry about the spread of aids even as you say the gay world is spreading it. Honey, if the gay world is the only community spreading it, why the HELL are you worried? Or don't you understand what being gay means? Basically that they REALLY DON'T WANT YOU. Twerp.

Secondly, I know a lot of gay people. Many of my best friends are gay. And do you want to know something interesting Fiona? Of all my gay friends, male and female, I can't think of a one who wants to sleep around. Most of them want a happy long term relationship. Some of them have that, and are just as happy and dedicated to each other as the best of the heterosexual relationships I know of. I know 10 times the amount of straight people who want nothing to do with a solid relationship, and only want to f**k their way around the city. I know several people who go in for monthly STD checks. The one thing they all have in common? They are all straight.

So, time to rething Fiona. You need to catch up with the times. Gay people are not the bane of your life, in fact, you probably don't know any at all, and if you did, they wouldn't tell you with a life outlook like that. It's nasty people like you who cause most of the prejudice effecting gay people, and it's not fair considering they have never done anything to you. They would probably help you if you needed it too. I hope they don't though.

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