Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pre Travel Worries...Pt 1

Outside in my yard there is a dog, chewing away on a rubber squeaky toy with an expression of perpetual bliss on her face. Inside my head there is a little person begging shutupshutupI'mtryingtothink..... But I know by now that won't happen; thinking simply is not as important as her being able to play with that toy. It doesnt help that behind my back two cats are exchanging a glance that says quite clearly and smugly we told her so. It really helps me to know that in two dys time I'm leaving all these insane critters behind me for 8 days and going to a place where I can go to the markets at night and buy lots of cheap alcohol! And by 4am on Saturday when I have to get out the door to a plane, I'll really be looking foward to that...

There are so many thing I didn't think I would ever have to contemplate about travelling, and the irony is that none of them have anything to do with being out of the country. I'm terrified of leaving my house keys with other people for 8 days. Not because I don't know these people; they're our best friends. No, it's mainly because I keep thinking terribly thoughts such as should I hide the 'toys' in case they happen to open that drawer by the bed and get a look into our lives they NEVER wanted?? or My cat is refusing to come out of the closet (literally and figuratively!), who will give her milky milo to coax her out?! I know these thoughts are crazy. Almost as crazy as feeding my cat, who vet's tell me should not be able to taste sweet, milo.

Milo for my cat is not quite as insane as realising that my dog has busted the qsqueaker in her favourite toy and having the thought I should go get her a new one or ALL my animals will be sulking!
And...my cat just sneezed. All over my almost packed baggage.

Because I Can

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