Thursday, May 21, 2009

To Give or...To Sell?

And news of the day, extra extra, read all about it, 18 year old Romanian girl sells her virginity for $17,900.,27574,25521752-401,00.html Now, we have to wonder whats happening to the world that she couldn't find a more private way of 'popping her cherry', but before we do that, we also have to wonder, are men really becoming that desperate for a date in this world that they have to resort to something so public as this? I know women aren't that awesome as people in the long run some times, but you would think that at 45,,,25511058-5001021,00.html men like this one would have found someone? And personally, how good would he feel afterward, knowing that that pretty little lady he had just slept with, and taken the virginity of, only wanted anything to do with him so she would then be able to pay her way through the university bills she's been building up?

Also, lets take a moment to look at these girls. Apart from being mercenary, what else is there to them? Well, teen number one, going through university, losing half her virginity earnings to taxation, and enjoyed it so much that she so thoughtfully decided to tell the world that she would willingly do it again with her mystery 45 year old for free. Nice sweetie, just nice; we'll leave you classified as 'mercenary'. Teen number 2, British, “wanted to keep my first time special and wait for the right guy.” and is “not like other girls who want rid of it from the word go.” I'm sorry sweetheart, you too count as mercenary; I agree you are not at all like other girls; no one else you went to school with saved it for the right guy only to sell it for university fees.

Now I know for a lot of people out there, sex is no biggie, but for me, my first time was special, and anything in the bedroom is special, and only done with special people. So I find it a bit odd, and not at all reassuring, that there are girls out there, like these ones, who are willing to just casually sell their first time to any random who can outbid the rest. Firstly, wheres the fun in it for them? And don't they think of how their partner feels after? Sure, the sex was awesome, but I now feel used as heres the 23 grand I promised to pay you for a casual fuck. I'm certain that would leave a warm, glowing happy feeling.

And I wonder how these girls feel about themselves after? I know I would feel cheap, but thats just me. But hey, its certainly a huge change from the times of our parents, in which sex came after marriage, and shopping round first, let alone selling your first time, was taboo. In some ways I think its fantastic that views on sex are a lot looser; you know what you're getting when you enter a relationship, you get some experience in life, and you have some fun, and get to learn a hell of a lot about yourself. On the other hand, STI checks are really not fun, a lot of the time situations arise that you wouldn't have expected and cant control, and when someone says they love you, how can you tell? So I guess good and bad still come hand in hand.

However, open mindedness toward sex in general is awesome. It means that society is willing to change its views, and maybe one day, it will all be OK, regardless of who you are and what/who/how you like it. But still, selling your virginity? Girls, thats not the way to 'find the right one to be with' or whatever you're aiming for, thats a way to get into a mess you're uncertain how to get out of. All I have left to say is good luck, and I hope that 5 years down the track you can claim more than just being 'that girl from 2009 who became famous for selling her virginity'. Special things should be given, not sold.

Man, I sounds like a dried up old prude today! :)

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