Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Blogging tool implimented!

Welcome through the door from fantasy land, to reality, where pigs don't fly, pink elephants do not stand in the corner unmentioned, and the controversial is the word of the day. Hold onto your hats, Kansas is a place of the past.

I tantrum from every day abnormalities or occurrences, all the way through to whats wrong with our world, and all that usual shite that every body and their dog rabbits about, but i also throw in research, fact, truth, and the unmentioned reality of how it all works and why its all so badly done. I'm a hot headed realist, and i don't sugar coat things for anyone; some of you out there wouldn't hesitate to call me a bitch.

My spelling leaves much to be desired, and my language boarders on crude, and it could be supposed that if i were saying any of this irl it would be a blur of noise often associated with the generic female in a temper.
Enough about me, enjoy the controversial.

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