Thursday, May 21, 2009

Our Homophobic Society.

Homophobia is the intolerance and prejudice that some members of our society have, and seem unable to get rid of, that is primarily aimed at the groups of people in our society who are actively gay or lesbian, ie actively sharing their love lives, and therefore personal lives, with a member of the same gender as themselves. As far as I am aware, it is a fear of prejudice that they can not forcibly stop themselves from feeling, and generally it is one that is actively passed to them from their parents, or older influences in their lives. Now that we've outlined what exactly homophobia is, lets have a look into it. The fear of gay people is to my mind irrational; what have they ever done to cause fear and hatred? Been different? There appears not to be any other factor in the matter. So there is no rational explaination for homophobia.

Now, i have a large number of gay friends, many of whom I went through school with, many more of whom i have only met in the last 3 years since moving out of school an home, and the one thing i can say definitely about all of them as a group is that they are a lovely, gentle bunch of people. Theres' nothing different between them and i; we all have similar interests, similar likes and dislikes; we still sit down for chick flicks, talk about our partners, share tips on clothing and all that junk that we normally would. And i can still sit with my male gay friends and have a long convo about their car, or sport, so the way i see it, there's nothing different there to be seen. Yet these people can walk down a street with their partner in tow and be met with scowls, outrage, anger, and verbal abuse.

Why? Simply because by existing they scare the rest of society with their difference. They make other people wonder “Could they catch gayness too?” and “I have close same gender friends, what makes me different to these people?” The main reason these people ask these inane questions is obviously that they are ignorant, as we all know, and some times, in a small percentage, because they think really, they just may not be straight. The repercussions they deal to the gay populace are often inexcusable. Realistically speaking, the main reason for much of the homosexuality, at least for the male population, is that scientifically speaking, facts point to female being the default gender, and the fetus going through a battle in the womb to become male, as explained in this 1979 film, HORIZON: THE FIGHT TO BE MALE. The essence of the film is that basically those few who are born with both genders, and gender confused people, as society would love us to call them, are actually BORN that way; they didn't simply 'catch gayness'. So it would be logical to suppose that you cant help who you are anyhow, no matter if youre gay or straight, and that those who are against this group of people are ill informed and illogical, not to mention uneducated.

A large factor that appears to be working against society accepting gay relationships is parents of these people. For instance one couple I know are being forced apart because their parents found out they were gay. They are perfectly normal people, have been best friends forever, and yet...their loving, caring, supportive parents, who have always been there by their sides, are now claiming that the other child “corrupted” their innocent sweet baby. And that's only one of many examples. With supportive families like that, its no wonder no one else in society is willing to accept them being different!

Personally, I think the first step to acceptance in this world is taken in the home, in the form of baby steps. We are all equal, no matter our beliefs, or our loves, or our social background; we should teach this to our children, instead of starting their lives by telling them they will be normal, like all the other sheep like people in this world, because that is the only option. Wrong. Its a good place to start changing this world dont you think, the cradle? Who knows, those little people of tomorrow may just be the ones who make this a better place to be, for all of us...if their opinionated parents dont try to teach them what is right and wrong in society as well as ethics and morals!

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