Monday, April 11, 2011

A letter to Winter

Dear Winter,
You worried me this year. Summer came, and she stayed. Autumn decided a holiday was best, and never showed up. I began to worry that I would not see you this year. That maybe you too would not bother, and allow Madam Summer to continue her relentless reign over my country. I missed rain even more than I ever believed I would, having not seen it within this country for nearly six months, and longed for it constantly. I also missed the cold. I don't know if you remember, Winter, how I love your cold nights, sitting in the dark in the middle of a phenominal storm, hearing you tear the trees around outside. I've missed that, these last years living in the tame city. But I would have missed the cold and rain more. I've learned to live with them as friends, unlike the heat and sweat of Summer; we could never get along.

But then, just when I had given up all hope, you returned. You saw my front yard, and you dropped in to say hello. And you have stayed, for three whole days so far! You timed your arrival perfectly, calling at my door only a couple of hours after I had planted some roses, and you watered them for me all night; Winter, if that is your apology for your long absence, I accept. It was beautiful. My garden, which has suffered all summer, was in dire need of your tender touch. The ivy was dying, and the roses were wilting. Thank you for showing up in time for them.

And these last few days, they have been beautiful! Waking up to the sound of rain on my garden, drinking Caro outside while watching you gently lay your rain upon my garden...amazing. You also encourage me to be more healthy. You allow me to make wonderful soups full of whatever-I-found-in-the-fridge, and stews made of everything else, and I have discovered that, despite being vegetarian, my veggie intake has trippled in the last couple of days.

I just have one question. If summer gets to stay around for nearly six months, taking up autumn's time, why can't you come earlier, take summer's time and stay around for six months too??

Because I Can

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