Friday, April 8, 2011

Yet another week.

OK, so yet another week, yet another set of experiences.
I DID get my fence replaced this week, which was awesome. Note to anyone out there though, 5 star fencing is NOT a good company to use for fencing if you want honesty, actual work, and for them to get the job done without having to be pestered for two months straight. Thankfully they actually got the job done in time to prevent my dog from busting the fence down in her erratic eagerness to be outside the yard; some days she doesn't give a rats, bot others she's more than willing to dig her way single paw'd to China for a chance at freedom. Luckily that's been curbed now, and about time too. I was having trouble convincing her that while Jack Russels may appear to be tasty snacks they would, in fact, give her large amounts of indigestion.

My cat's have come almost to terms with having a dog. By this I mean life in this house has become terrifying. The other day I was hanging my washing when a cat boleted onto my lap, rapidly planned its next geurilla warfare tactic, then attacked the dog from my lap. I took a palm full of cat claws and an elbow full of dog teeth before flinging the cat over the fence and booting the dog. THEY both suffered minimal damages with the cat loosing a claw and the dog having a claw embeded in her eyebrow...coincidence? :P Since then the cat's have been attempting to make things up to me; this morning I caught them chasing packets of "Do Not Eat" round my house with merry enjoyment; guess who got the day outside?

The neighbourhood pets have, sadly, not come to terms quite as well as my own. The other day I was walking my monster, erm, dog, and a lovely old man with his jack russel stopped nearby; the Jack russel decided open warfare would be awesome and so I spent 5 minutes wrapped around a fence post holding my dog off while the old man told me how hard it must be for me, walking such a big, uncontrollable dog...I'm still uncertain as to wether he was purposefully standing there, keeping his dog near mine just for the giggles. As for the rabbits across the street...well, she hasn't caught them yet, so they're still fine, right?

There are some advantages about her though. I can walk around my neighbourhood at any hour of thge day or night without worrying now; Who'll attack a 5ft2 girl with a huge angry looking dog? I mean really, even the socially inept drop outs who stumble home slurring abuse think twice at the sight of her! The down side is that I know she's a wonderful, sweet hearted little docile critter at heart who, after catching anything would mourn its loss for weeks in the most adorably sad that reduces my comfort levels of her protection to a very basic nil. Oh well.

Because I Can

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