Thursday, December 2, 2010

Amazing Hilarity!

Good afternoon all of you crazy people! Of course, if you are reading this you are certainly crazy, and so do not even consider disputing that fact, thank you. ^^

Now, as I may have previously stated somewhere in my raging ranting post history, I am not exactly what one may call a religious personality. In facvt, I am often so anti religious that my very prescence causes some of the more religious people in my world to run away lest they attempt to preach their religion near me in a moment of insanity. I love it when they do that; it gives me the chance to have a philisophical debate with them, and oddly enough, not many religious people like that as they seem to be amazingly uncreative. (ie; me: all the evidence you have is in a book, that reads like a history book aimed at children. It doesn't proove the existence of a god, it prooves that people once thought a lot simpler and needed to make explainations up for the scary things in their lives they could not otherwise explain. religious person: But...its inb the book! It has to be true!)

But, despite this, I do not actually have a problem with religion, so long as you keep it to yourself; just like opinions ^^ And only a minute ago I was reading my FAVOURITE blog, Rants From Mummy Land, and found THIS:

I am still, still, gasping for my next breath between GALES of laughter. And not only was this a hilarious video, it was also awesome, fantastic, not religiously pushy, and actually informative. FANTASTIC!

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