Thursday, March 18, 2010

Prayer To The Housing Department

Grant me sanity to not destroy

That which infuriates and annoys.
Grant me not the curse of sobriety,
The beer is too good, the stress too high.

Gift me with a sweet angelic smile,
To hide the furious glare inside.
Allow me tolerance in the face of faults,
Lest I try to eliminate fault from humanity.

Allow me serenity to smile and nod,
(And ear plugs; even serenity is not enough!)
Bless me with Patience and Foresight
Nothing lives forever, I can wait!!

Allow me reason, to remain sane,
And deaf ears to hear my cheers.
And finally, dear lord, or whoever can hear
Please get me the hell out of here!

C.A Pendragon, 18.03.2010

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