Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Destructive Force of Sims

OK, so my day has been an ABSOLUTE, tragic mass of failure. My 'To Do' list of the last 3 days lies gathering dust somewhere beneath the washing that needs to be done and hung and moved off the bed, and my motivation is willing, but can't find enough of my strength of will to actually DO anything with me. Its really pathetically sad. And it's all because of one, lousy old game. Can you believe that?! And no, this time, it is NOT World of Warcraft...ask me about that in December :P

No, this time my COMPLETE lack of attention span and decided loss of dedication to my house work was caused by Sims 3. Now, before you go and tell me exactly how sad that is, and I know it is sad, believe me, let me first tell you some facts about the game. Unlike other companies when they decide to expand and enlarge a game, the people behind the Sims didn't completely remodel. Graphics are better, sure, but you still have the same old style of game play. The main differences are such things as your Sims being more independant; for example, I have yet to have one light their house on fire and then run around in the burning house screaming. Why would they be so stupid you ask? I have no idea, but in Sims and Sims 2 they ALWAYS did it. And it was hilarious, and cost me house after house of Sims, and never failed to be amazing in its stupidity.

Also, for those people out there who like the dressup angle, there are so, so many new and interesting clothing styles avaliable. And furniature styles. And you can even design your own clothing for your Sims. Next item of interest: The game developers, bless their cotton sock, finally saw sense and made building your sim a house idiot proof, something I often needed, and feel great comfort in knowing. You no longer have to wonder how the HECk to get the stupidly huge steps down to size, or even if there happens to possibly be steps that are actually meant to be outside steps; it is now so simple my cat could do it! Which leaves you with more time to manipulate the lives of your Sims, making and breaking them as you wish! where I have been buried for the last 3 days. At the bottom of a Sims 3 induced crazy hole. Oh humanity...

And now my cat's are demanding food in such a way that implies I'll be dinner if I don't move my ass fast, and I still dont know how my awesome hubby has put up with me. So tip to the wise: If you have pets and a hubby and still want to play this game, put the pets in care and send the hubby to stay with someone else for a couple of days; that way at least they'll get looked after! Personally I would have to say it is frequently addictive and hard to escape, so run while you can!

-Because I can-

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