Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Today, we discuss random idiosincracies.

Now, I know I have been absent for ages; allow me to apologize, any who follow my rantings. Right now though? Just a few random thoughts to document now, not much interesting really.

1) Why do people complain about the current movies in our production, when to be honest, they're not that much worse, if at all, than those made 10 or so years ago? I mean, compare Gremlins, a 1984 film about furby creatures, mogwai, and their mutated state, gremlins, with something like ice age.
Both films are PG rated, both start off seemingly aimed at the younger audiences. And then Gremlins turns to death, and mass violence, and blood, and horror, and stories of past deaths that make one just about cry. Sure, its something I could imagine *all* kids would just LOVE; sarcasm, does wonders. On the other hand, Ice age, and its 2 follow up movies, is fun all the way; sure, people get hurt, but they 'get better' again, and they don't have senseless violence or horror aimed at young audiences. And here I was, talking to a woman tonight about how the kids of today are so much worse than the kids of back then...maybe the kids back then hadn't seen the pg movies around in their times? Or maybe the kids of her day were that scared by the prospect of furbies turning into killer monsters that they had no time left from mindless fear to try anything cruel on their own? Or possibly they saw there was no way they could be competition to such things as the Mogwai. Who knows.

2) Call centre work is what I do in life, mainly, when I'm not debating with the other half, being told I am obviously insane, or having a perfectly reasonable human being counsel me and tell me sincerely that I am the sole root cause of any complication in my life currently, even thought the root of it all is not my mother, thank you Freud, but the way my relationship coped with the loss of our child. That being a different rant, the fact remains that I deal with people who call the company i work for presumably to inquire, but realistically simply to complain and cry on someone else's shoulder as the ones they used to use have gone AWOL. Presumably because they died due to the frustration caused by their friend constantly whining at them. Why is it that when someone calls to ask a question, if I cannot answer it due to lack of training, *I* become the one at fault for everything so far in their day going wrong? And have you ever wondered about the ability people have to be so appallingly rude to the friendly helpful person they call when they're in a bad mood? Those people, they have restraint. That person abusing them could be the 15th one in a row, no fault of theirs...and they stay calm, cheerful, and polite. Personally, I only manage it by imagining how many knots i could attempt to tie in the person...

3) Counselling. Why, why, WHY, is it the answer to everything? When things are fine, there is no mention, but the instant things start shaking, he cries COUNSELLING!! and not another word about the 'problem' passes until we are right there, at $100 an hour, with a counsellor, who is trying hard to 'pull teeth' which is how it goes when I get forced to a counsellor. Wouldn't it be smarted by far to simply sit and talk? Not go racing off for the artificial mummy who can fix it all, and tell you yes dear, you are 100% correct? Not that they do, after all they are there to work it out for you, not support you. So in the end, its self defeatist in many more ways than one. For starters, the other half doesn't talk; why should I when I'm only here because you wouldn't talk it out at home and threatened insta divorce if i didn't come? Also, if you are here to have someone back you, then you just failed; the counsellor does not care who is wrong or right, only about making you and your problem better so you go away. And thirdly? By dragging us here instead of talking it through when we had the chance at home, it means the problem has been left, hanging like a horrible cloud of angry storm over us, for the 3 weeks it took you to get us an appointment! Wise? Me thinks NOT.

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