Monday, July 13, 2009


Human beings are interesting creatures. Like monkeys of all varieties, we are social animals, better suited to pack life with a large group of members existing within our pack. And an integral part of our pack, one that exists without question for most of us, is family; those annoying siblings whom Mum and Dad seem to favour over you, the aunts and uncles who are always nosing around in your life and pinching your cheek and spoiling you, the grandparents with their stories of “back in my day...”.

However, family is not the only social group we need to make our world go round properly. In fact, it is only one of the groups; the other group, just as important, is that of our friends. Those people we meet over our years on this earth, who influence our lives, share adventures and misshaps with us, with whom we share our secrets and with whom we laugh. And without them, our family would most likely drive us all to the verge of insanity.

Now, insanity can be fun, we all know this, or should do if we have had any form of havoc in our lives before. But insanity is no fun without friends. And the better the friend who shares your insanity, the better the fun, as with everything in life. And without good friends we may as well check ourselves into the asylum.

I can safely say that my last few weeks, months, would have been a lot different if I hadnt had so many awesome, supportive friends there with me...shoulders to cry on, drinking buddies, sharers of hangovers, when necessary, someone to shake me firmly when I was being unrealistic and tell me to get over it and grow up. And you know, only a friend, a good, real friend, can do any of that. Anyone else can try, but it will never be the same.

And friends are the people who need us as people, as who we are, the most. Had a bad day? You are going to call your best friend, or even rock up on their door step. And so you should, thats why friends are who they are. I've randomly appeared on doorsteps this past couple of months with my bag, and no idea how long im stayng, and each of those friends has taken me in, given me a cup of tea, and let me sort myself out. And they can do the same to me, some have before, others will in the future.

The best part of a friend is you can just drop pretences and simply be yourself. You dont have to look good around them, you dont have to watch what you say, you dont have to be bright and cheerful. If you feel like teaching them some new uncouth words, they are fine with it; heck, my friends could probably teach me a word or two of their own! They expect you to be no one but yourself, act no other way than you normally would on your own; with good friends, you can be free as a bird to do as you wish, and its awesome.

The other day I was down south, in Bunbury, walking along in a medieval dress with my best friend, and we randomly started skipping, arm in arm down the main street, singing 'We're off to see the Wizard' from the Wizard of Oz. And we looked insane. We scared people off the side walk and across the street, just by being so uncontrolled and free. And afterward we went and got coffee, and laughed ourselves silly, and agreed it was the most fun we had had in months. And there is no one else in the whole world I would rather do that with, or know it was ok to do that with, and at the time, acting like that with that friend, really made my day so much brighter, and made the problems all go away, just for the day.

So I guess what im saying here is that friends are amazing. They are the best people ever, and when the whole world seems to have gone to hell in a little pretty hand basket, they are there. They pick you up, dust you off, tell you off if they need to, tell you if you've been stupid, and are there on those dire occasions when you really need a drinking buddy, and nothing else, not that I've called in that favour much in the past, or am going to much in the future. And they know, or should know, that you are there for them as much as they are for you, and any favour they do for you when you need it will always be returned. And I know there are people out there who dont understand the attachment I have to my friends; all I can say to them is that friends, more than family, are the most important features in my life. They will always be there for you. Family won't, partners won't, but friends...there will always be a friend there for you to turn to.

Thanks guys, all of you, for being there the last couple of months; you have been amazing, and I hope I get the chance to return the favours some time soon :)

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