Saturday, August 20, 2011

Patterns of Weirdness

Have you ever noticed how sometimes in life, little weird things keep repeating? How no matter what, you find you get caught in an absurd cycle? Recently, I have found this to be the story of my life.

It started about three weeks ago, when I got chicken take out. I LOVE the stuffing they make for those things, and always look foward ot it, but this time...there was no stuffing. I was devistated. My night took a turn for the worse...and then I realised my boyfriend had DOUBLE the normal amount of stuffing in his chicken meal! He kindly gave me some of his (I SWEAR I didnt tantrum until he shared!) and I thought nothing more of the event. Until the next time...and the next! I have had this exact event of lack of stuffing and boyfriend overloaded with it happen four times! It does not help changing venues either; it happens no matter which chicken place we visit. ><

And oh how often recently have I been the proud owner of the 'last item of that type in stock'! This one, I am loving. Today for instance, I managed ot get my hands on an adorable white Teddybear candle with roses carved all over him; last one in the entire shop! ^^ I also managed to get my grubby little paws on the very last wolf print shirt for a friend, and the last handbag of a certain type when I was looking for a new one of specific requirements. So I guess sometimes these cycles aren't that bad after all ^^

Sadly I am also still stuck in the pattern that is being unwanted in the work place. I have thrown my resume with cover note that shouts loudly 'PLEASE employ me, I will love you and stay with you forever!!' to the four winds (also thrown it without the cover note) and, as yet, not a bite. Not a single one! I do not see what is so terrible and unemployable with me; I am young, healthy, more than willing to work nearly any job, no restrictions on hours, no time limit, no leave planned, no holidays to book, no debt, and VERY eager, and yet the pattern of rejection keeps growing.

Is anyone else out there stuck in a pattern? If so, what is it? ANy clues as to how to break the pattern??

Back to writing my book to fill the spare hours for me, I suppose...Heck, at the rate I'm going with work, I may aim to publish a chapter a day on this blog if it goes on with the unemployment any longer...!

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