Thursday, June 4, 2009

Humanity's Inability To Live And Let Live

Now, i will be the first to admit this world is going stale. To admit that people are becoming too picky, too finicky, too up tight, blaming others rather than themselves as a part of their daily lives, and on a whole, living to complain. I do it sometimes, when i feel like it, when I'm having one of those days. Anyone does it. But you know, there are various pockets of people the world over, who take it just that step too far, all the time, every day. Heaping their problems onto other people as all they have to do in life is whine and complain. And here, i think, we have the perfect examples of these people, the bane of society who exist to make life a misery for the rest of us. Allow me to introduce you to Mrs Giselle Bertozza, an elderly lady located in NSW, in Mannering Park. Mrs Bertozza is one of those lovely people who just love to complain, and complain she does. And for the last eight years, she has been making her neighbors, the Carr family, miserable...and all over a frog. That is not even the Carr's pet. Simply a wild frog.

Now, what could a simple frog possibly be doing to cause neighbourhood warfare you ask? How could one tiny creature, no bigger than your hand, cause an eight year feud between neighbors of twenty years? Well, as dear old Mrs Bertozza will happily tell you, it is all because the frog, who took up residence in the Carr's garden pond eight years ago, killed her husband. Now, i know what you're thinking, how dare the little blighter sneak in and murder him in his sleep like that, but no, the frog, like the Carr's was not even directly involved. All the frog was doing was trying, like all the rest of us, to find its one true mate, or at least some other froggy who would respond to its mating call. How then did this creature cause the death of Mrs Bertozza's husband? Simple. Mr Bertozza had already, at this point, been diagnosed with terminal cancer, and so already had one foot in the grave. However the frog, while trying to find someone to love it, made so much noise, from the Carr's pond next door, that the Bertozza's had trouble sleeping, and Mrs Bertozza's dear husband was driven to an early grave, at the excessively young and tragic age of Seventy-two.

And so the war was begun, and the first casualty had occurred. Negotiations were now a thing of the past. Mrs Bertozza petitioned for the council to make the Carr's fill in their pond; the council and the Carr's refused. She demanded the removal of the frog; the Carr's complied. All seemed to settle down until, yes, you guessed it, yet another frog, three years later, came and took proud residence in the same pond, and dear Mrs Bertozza once again heard the frog...and is now demanding its removal as she did the previous pond dweller, lest she too die from stress and lack of sleep, as she claims her husband did! Now, while dear Mrs Bertozza may think she has a justifiable complaint, I do believe she is spending too much time assigning the blame to someone, in this case the Carr family, to whom it does not belong.

Certainly, it is possible that her husband, hearing the frog crying for a mate every night and finding himself unable to sleep with its constant love song, was aided into his grave by the entailing lack of sleep. However, despite the acknowledgment that the frog may have had something to do with his degrading health, we must all admit that by no means did the frog kill Mr Bertozza; in fact, his own body, rife with cancer, did that for him. And no one could possibly accuse the Carr family of being responsible either; after all, while it is their pond, they certainly did not place the frog there with hopes of this situation. What we have here is simply a very sad case of a woman, whom upon losing her husband of many years, was unable to rationally cope with the loss and instead assigned the blame to an element that was unable to defend itself, the frog, and the family who's pond it resided in, the Carr's. Though, my personal opinion of Mrs Bertozza is that she is one of the many women in the world who has to have something to complain about, or something to stick her nose into, and so decided to pick constructively upon the frog in revenge at the world for her husband's death.

Having dealt with the truly laughable tale of Mrs Bertozza and the frog, and the effect the combination has been having upon her poor neighbours, let us move on to a very messy and very public divorce case, that of Mrs Mrs Rosaand her husband. Now, this time, I must admit, the situation is actually at least partially the fault of the government. Now, Mrs Rosa married her husband in 2000, had a child, a daughter, with him in 2002, and they lived in Sydney until 2007, when they moved to a small dead end town in a very remote part of Queensland for her husbands mining engineering job. All good so far. Then, they decide eight months later, were bad together, lets divorce. So they did, Mrs Rosa won the main of the custody for their daughter, and she proceeded to move back to Sydney. And that, folks, was where all the trouble began.

Mr Rosa, not wanting his daughter to be out of his control, or more likely, being spiteful and seeing a way he could aid his ex other half to suffer more from the split, because lets face it, people are malicious like that, took his ex wife to court claiming that by taking their child back to Sydney she was damaging his relationship with his daughter. Fair enough, I would say, but honestly, could you not arrange for the child to spend more time in your town? Is not the whole point of a divorce to get as far away from your once partner as possible? The courts obviously did not think so as they ruled that Mrs Rosa should move back to the dead beat small town with her daughter, specifically so the relationship between father and child was not upset.

So where did this get the family? Well, Mr Rosa is all happy, for now. Mrs Rosa and daughter are living in a trailer park, the only accommodation Mrs Rosa can afford. And as Mrs Rosa is unable to find work in said small town, she is a stay at home unemployed single parent. So due to her ex husband demanding her presence in the town he chose to live in, she is now involuntarily bringing their daughter up to believe that its OK to leech off the government and your divorced partner. And who knows what else. So, for all of us, let me congratulate Mr Rosa. Well done fine sir, you have effortlessly, in one single move, forced someone to live where they have no ability to make a life for themselves, and you have shown a child how not to live. Now one has to wonder, will she remember its meant to be that way around when she too grows up and gets married?

Now, if it were not for the base human nature of nit picking, whining, and complaining, not to mention laying the blame anywhere but at our own feet, these two situations could so easily have been resolved to the betterment of all. For starters, Mrs Bertozza simply needs some councilling to encourage her to realize that the frog, and her neighbours the Carr's, were not the cause of her husbands death; his lack of ability to fight off cancer and his advanced age were. Or possibly her constant nagging over the years may have weakened his immune system, who knows! However, she can not bring herself to realize that no one is actually to blame for an act of nature, like most people, and is instead laying it somewhere, anywhere, she can.

As for the Rosa family, one has not seen such a pathetic situation in quite some time; it is quite obvious that Mr Rosa thought nothing of his daughter at all in his actions, but simply thought of the best way to make life harder for her mother. If he had been thinking of his daughter he would have realized that uprooting a child twice, as well as breaking apart its family, is the worst thing you can do for him or her. He would also have realized that forcing its soul carer into unemployment would provide a bad example for that child, and added yet more stress to its home situation, and all due to his own inability to accept seeing his child once a month for a couple of weeks instead of every day. Which almost defeats the point of a divorce in the first place, wouldn't you think, having to see your ex partner every time you go to see your kid?

There are many many more examples I could give for human stupidity, whinging and neglect of blame, but right now, I can feel brain cells dying from the lack of exposure to normal, healthy unembittered people. And so I bid you adieu, and take my bow, so I can go dance in the rain, and lay the blame for any cold I succeed in catching at my own feet with pride.

Because I Can.

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